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Lessons must be canceled at least four hours in advance. We respect our tutors’ time, so a late fee will be incurred if students do not show up for the lesson or the lesson is canceled within four hours of the session.

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Trajectory Tutors has been a game-changer for my daughter who was struggling with math. Their expert tutors were able to break down complex concepts in a way that she could understand. Trajectory also uses some advanced methods to record student scores.

Liam L

My son has dyslexia, and I was worried about finding a tutor who could really cater to his needs. Trajectory Tutors was fantastic, they provided an assessment and found a tutor who was trained in dyslexia-specific methods. My son’s confidence in his reading/writing skills has sky-rocketed.

Marcy K

I never could have passed the SAT without the help of Trajectory Tutors. Their tutor was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to identify exactly where I needed to improve. I saw a significant jump in my test scores after just a few weeks of tutoring.

Jackson S

My daughter is in a dual-language program, and we were struggling to find a tutor who could provide instruction in both Spanish and English. Trajectory Tutors not only found us a tutor who could do both, but she was fantastic. My daughter’s language skills have improved dramatically.

Art C

I am so impressed with the professionalism and expertise of Trajectory Tutors. They were able to identify the areas where my son needed help & matched him with the perfect tutor. The tutor’s communication with us was excellent, and I saw my son’s grades and confidence soar.

Johanne J