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Consultation FAQ

What information should I prepare for the consultation?

It would be helpful to have your child’s recent academic reports, any feedback from their teachers, and a list of areas they’re struggling with or goals you have for their tutoring sessions. This information will enable us to tailor the consultation to your child’s specific needs.

What format is the 20-minute consultation?

The 20-minute consultation can be conducted either via phone call or through Google Meet. We primarily use Google Meet for our consultations and tutoring sessions, as it provides a reliable and interactive platform. Google Meet is free to use and accessible from any device with internet access.

Will there be follow-up after the 20-minute consultation?

Yes, following the consultation, our team will provide you with a summary of the discussion and any recommended next steps. We encourage open communication and welcome any additional questions or concerns you may have after the consultation.

How soon can I schedule a 20-minute consultation?

We strive to accommodate consultation requests promptly. You can schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience by contacting our team or filling out the consultation request form on our website. We’ll work with you to find a time that fits your schedule.

Can other family members participate in the 20-minute consultation?

Absolutely. We welcome the participation of other family members, such as co-parents or guardians, during the consultation. It’s important for all stakeholders to be involved in the discussion and decision-making process regarding your child’s education and tutoring needs.

How confidential is the information shared during the 20-minute consultation?

We take privacy and confidentiality seriously. Any information shared during the consultation, including your child’s academic records and personal details, will be kept strictly confidential and used solely for the purpose of assessing your child’s tutoring needs and providing recommendations.

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