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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Trajectory Tutors?

Trajectory Tutors are carefully vetted through a dedicated team of career education professionals. Since we hand-select, train, and shadow our employees, we invest more in them than any other online platform, ensuring that our students receive only the best instruction. We pay our tutors more, give them more autonomy in their lesson plans, and offer more expert guidance/ training programs than any other existing tutoring company– bar none. Happy tutors mean happy students.

What “technology” does Trajectory use in tutoring sessions?

You may have seen us mention “advanced, data-driven tutoring techniques” on our website – here’s what it means. We employ the use of algorithms to help our tutors decide the best course of action for each student. Simply put, an algorithm (or a procedure used for solving a problem or performing a computation) takes the guesswork away from our, very human, tutors. The data collected can tell our tutors exactly where their students rank against peers and suggest what areas need immediate improvement.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Absolutely. If you or your child are dissatisfied with any aspect of your tutoring experience, we will refund you. We are certain that this will never be the case, but we like to include this guarantee for peace of mind, anyway.

Who answers the phones at Trajectory Tutors?

If you, like us, dread calling a company for fear of getting some disinterested admin or robot, fear not. The phones are always answered by the founders of Trajectory directly. We know our company inside and out, and we love what we do. We’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

What if I don’t see an option for the subject/ test I’m looking for?

Please select the “other” category from the drop-down menu in the scheduling tool and let us know exactly what you’re looking for. We’ll hand-select a tutor from our dedicated team to assist you.

What does an average test prep session look like?

Though we have extensive lesson plans in place for every test/ subject, our standardized test procedures follow a tried and true “review, strategize, test, recap” methodology. We review homework, discuss mistakes, implement strategies for weak areas, put these methods to work on real tests, and offer remediation material based on our algorithms and tutor knowledge. Each student learns and progresses differently, so tutors are trained in flexibility and building rapport.

Do you offer group tutoring? What are the benefits?

Yes! We offer group tutoring seminars for a multitude of tests and subjects. These sessions are on a set schedule. For more information, refer to the “group tutoring schedule” link on the main page. The benefits of group tutoring are plentiful: sessions are lively and energetic due to the feedback from multiple students; teachers can answer numerous questions that allow students to gain further insight into test strategy; students can collaborate and bolster key skills.

Is virtual tutoring as effective as in-person tutoring?

In short, yes. Certainly, face to face tutoring has its benefits, but virtual tutoring offers unparalleled convenience, reduced costs, and more opportunities for implementation of technology. We have spent a long time refining our virtual tutoring platform. We choose tutors who want  to be here, so the lessons are no less engaging than in-person solutions. Don’t take our word for it, though. Give us a try, and, if you don’t like the service, then we’ll refund your session!

What kind of qualifications do Trajectory Tutors have?

Through our rigorous hiring process, we hand-select tutors for multiple reasons. A degree alone won’t ensure that a tutor will be an effective asset to our team. That’s why we consider multiple factors when vetting our candidates. Certain subjects/ tests require degrees, tutoring experience, and teaching certifications. We also shadow/ audit our tutors regularly to see if quality is being upheld and student scores are trending positive over many sessions. Trajectory also offers incentivized training for tutors looking to branch out to new subjects or bolster their knowledge on current subjects offered.

Do you offer assistance for low-income households?

Yes! Select the “apply for payment assistance” option on the home-page of our website.