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Welcome to Trajectory Tutors, a standardized test and subject area tutoring company that wants to prove that less is more. Fewer sessions, fewer materials, and fewer dollars spent are all part of the game plan. We have compiled the best aspects of tutoring from thousands of sessions and streamlined the process. We focus on results, not promises.

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Trajectory Tutors based its model on real, effective data, not empty promises about an ambiguous “score increase.” We believe that results should be calculable, benefits tangible, and lesson plans actionable. Every student is unique, so why should their tutoring plans remain static? No two people learn the same way – that’s why the founders of Trajectory spent months developing a flexible strategy that can accommodate any learning style, any goal, and any student.

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Meet The Founders


Haley Beutler


B.S Industrial Engineering, B.S. Behavioral Healthcare Research


Daniel Viveiros


Bachelors in Applied Math, Current Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence Manager


Austyn O'Dwyer


M.A. Teaching Secondary ELLs ELA Instruction, B.A English Professional Writing

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Our Testimonials

“Trajectory Tutors Proved Me Wrong.”

“As a parent, I was a bit hesitant to hire a tutoring company for my son, but Trajectory Tutors proved me wrong. Their tutors are friendly, patient and knowledgeable, and my son is now much more confident with reading. I plan on using Trajectory when my two younger children reach High School.”

Alona L.

Alona L.

“I Can’t Say Enough Good Things.”

I can’t say enough about Trajectory Tutors. They helped my daughter boost her grades and overall understanding of math in just a few sessions. I highly recommend their services. Incredible results for a reasonable price. Give them a try!

Kimberly M.

Kimberly M.

“My son was able to get a point above his target AP score.”

My son was struggling with APUSH (history), but Trajectory Tutors was able to match him with a tutor who made the subject really come alive for him. He was able to get a point above his target score on the AP test! We are both so glad we chose Trajectory.

John P.

John P.

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