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We know that choosing a new tutoring company can be stressful, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you or your child are not satisfied with the lesson. Parents are welcome to observe the lessons (though we highly suggest that students tutor alone in a quiet environment).
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    Parent FAQs

    How does virtual tutoring work?

    We have streamlined our virtual tutoring process to make it as close to in-person tutoring as possible. Virtual tutoring utilizes technology to streamline the tutoring process and bolster traditional tutoring techniques. For example, a tutor may use an application that displays virtual graphs for a student to practice geometry problems in collaboration with the tutor on a shared platform. 

    What does my child need to do to prepare for the first session?

    Make sure the device your child is using for his or her tutoring session is charged and functioning. It is always a good idea for your child to bring a notebook and writing utensil in case they want to jot down some notes. Apps like Notability on a tablet are extremely helpful but not required. Look for the link to the meeting in the email you provided. Our tutors will handle the rest! 

    Do I need to download anything for the meeting?

    Parents are not required to download any material prior to the session. Our tutors will instruct your child on what to download during the meeting. Tutors may ask their students to download PDF versions of the test, digital worksheets, or other study material.

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